Spring is a magical time here at Agamon Hula, every day brings with it flocks of migratory birds ,over 500 milion birds fly through the Agmon every year and it is an important stop over for many of them as well as a favorite nesting site for some.

The birds arrive at the Agmon having crossed the African desserts and so use the park to feed, building the fatty tissue that will sustain them on their long journey north. Storks, Pelicans, raptors, ducks, wading birds and song birds all benefit from the abundance of food and water at Agamon Hula.

What sets spring time apart is that it is not only a time for migration but also the time for mating and nesting. Many species begin to exhibit mating colors, mating calls and songs can be heard and nesting territories are secured. The abundance of resources at the park helps to ensure a bright future for hatchlings and parents alike.

Spring is also a time of renewal, having spent most of the winter dormant the many aquatic plants in the park begin to blossom adding their dazzling colors to those of the birds. Yellow water-lilies, European White Water-lilies and Purple Loosestrife can all be seen around the park, their nectar nourishing the wildlife. Butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies and beetles hover gracefully around the plants and or above the water and around dusk the sound of frog choirs fills the air.

We invite you to a unique and magical experience of nature, come experience the thousands of birds, wildlife and flora in their natural habitats.

**important- as migration depends on many variables (winds, weather etc.) there is no way of knowing at what specific day or time the different species will arrive at the park, the above-mentioned details are an estimate based on previous years.