A calm descends upon the valley as the busy nesting season comes to an end and the fledglings take to the skies for the very first time all on their own (under the ever watchful eyes of the parents). The abundance of food in the park will allow them to grow strong in time for the fast approaching migration, their first ever trip.

But birds are not the only migrants, one of the lesser known but very interesting migration is that of the butterflies. Plain Tiger butterflies, a large and colorful species display their bright orange wings as they migrate from Africa to the Agmon to lay their eggs. They can be seen anywhere in the park but are most impressive against the colorful backdrop of the Botanical Gardens.

While the daily life of animals are certainly fascinating, night time holds its own mysteries. During the summer months we offer nighttime tours of the Agmon, providing a peak into the stealthy lives of Jungle Cats on the prowl as well as Wild Boars, Golden Jackals and Foxes. Barn Owls glide on silent wings looking for prey, making their eerie silent calls that give them their Hebrew name (Tinshemet-roughly translatable to “breather”) as all around bats acrobatically fly around , catching insects with sounds beyond our hearing range.