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Welcome to Agamon Hula - KKL

(Hula Lake)

over one billion birds from more than 400 species migrate in the skies above us. Thousands remain at the Agamon during the winter, and other choose to nest here during the spring and summer.


As the signs of autumn begin to appear, the scents of the thirsty soil longing for the first rainfall are carried on the winds, joined by the arrival of the many migratory birds that grace the Hula Valley with their presence.


Winter colors Agamon Hula in breathtaking colors, creating the perfect backdrop for the thousands of birds, wildlife and people enjoying nature at its very best.


A calm descends upon the valley as the busy nesting season comes to an end and the fledglings take to the skies


Spring is a magical time here at Agamon Hula, every day brings with it flocks of migratory birds




Winter at the Agamon-Hula Park

The winter paints the Hula Lake Park in vibrant colors, creating breathtaking scenery for the thousands of birds, animals and people to enjoy nature in its prime.

Waking up with the Birds 

A Sunrise Tour

Just imagine…the first light of dawn, misty morning fog blanketing the dark earth, wintery puddles that gradually fill with colorful ducks, trees that have shed their leaves, standing tall and offering their branches as lookout points to the birds of prey. Snowy peaks, the Jungle Cat bringing another successful night of hunting to a close, returning to its cave in the reeds as the voices of tens of thousands of cranes herald a new day. It’s breakfast time at the Hula Lake.

Rise early as dawn breaks and join us for a unique tour that will provide you with an up close glimpse of thousands of birds. Sometimes, the fog rolls slowly across the valley as the tour progresses, adding mystery and magic to the atmosphere. As the tour comes to an end, you are invited to indulge in a comforting cup of herbal tea and cookies.

The tour lasts two hours.


Ride to the Wild

A Bird Watching Tour

Guided bird watching tours led by professional nature guides and ornithologists. Between the orchards and along the water’s edge, we will learn to identify the different bird species, learn about how they live and the secrets of their behavior. We will investigate the mystery of migration and bask in their beauty…We recommend visiting the Research and Bird Ringing station as well.

You can take the tour on a mountain bike or in electric vehicles.

The tour lasts two hours.

A Tour in the Safari wagon

Daily Tour

A guided tour on our Safari wagon that delves into the crane’s territory, allowing our guests to get right up close to the majestic creatures. During the tour we will learn about how they live, the secrets of their migration, communication between the animals, their unique family structure, and more.

The tour lasts about an hour.

Fly with the Birds

A Sunset Tour

When the sun kisses the Naftali Mountains, nature rejoices as another day draws to a close…the sky is painted with the colors of sunset, the birds, chirping, prepare for slumber and the nocturnal animals prepare for a night of hunting.

During the winter months, this experience is particularly special and exciting. As the sun sets, the cranes convene to prepare for nighttime in the Hula Lake. A celebration of sounds and the sight of thousands of cranes in flight…

The tour lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes.

The tour lasts about an hour.


A Special Safari Photographers Tour 

‘Safari Wagon’

Join us at first light for a special ,up close look at the birds and wildlife here in Agamon Hula as they begin their daily routine. Whether the morning is a clear one with great visibility or a foggy one with the mists slowly creeping over the ground, imbuing the park with a mystical atmosphere you are sure to remember this tour.   The tour is designed with photography chances in mind and allows for: various shooting angles, stopping at different "window" locations, keeping with the action in the field and in accordance with the photographers' needs.


At the tour’s conclusion, you are invited to enjoy a cup of herbal tea and cookies.