(December- February)

Winter colors Agamon Hula in breathtaking colors, creating the perfect backdrop for the thousands of birds, wildlife and people enjoying nature at its very best.

Tens of Thousands of cranes, wading birds, ducks raptors and more winter here in the Agamon during this magical time of year.

The most noticeable and impressive winter guests in the park are of course, the Eurasian Cranes, during their stay here we dispense up to 8 tons of corn daily for the cranes at an allotted field in the park to keep them from damaging the many agricultural fields in the valley. Using our Safari Wagon tours we offer a guided up close look at the cranes in their feeding grounds (it is important to note that the times at which the corn is given to the cranes depends on the current situation in the fields and is therefore not known to, or controlled by, us).  

We highly recommend making the effort to be the proverbial early bird in this time of year as our sunrise tours are a unique experience. The first rays of light, morning mists over the dark soil, snowy peaks and tens of thousands of birds around you.